Article: Jamaica's Blue Mountain coffee ranks with world's best

The Toronto Sun Newspaper, Canada

16 October 2013

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Everyone knows James Bond likes his martinis "shaken not stirred." But when it comes to coffee, Agent 007's beverage of choice -- at least in the novel Live and Let Die -- is a Blue Mountain brew from Jamaica.

Only the best for Britain's debonair spy.

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Jamaica Gleaner: Increased Demand For Jamaican Coffee, But Production Shrinks

Tameka Gordon, Business Reporter, Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper

The local coffee industry will miss out on gains from projected increases in demand from international markets, despite the Planning Institute of Jamaica's latest report that output of the commodity has increased by 143.8 per cent for the quarter to June.

However, production has been significantly reduced because of, among other factors, diseases affecting the plants.

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Wallenford Divested to AIC in J$4 Billion Deal

The Government-owned Wallenford Coffee Company has been divested to AIC International Investment Limited (AIIL) in a deal valued at just over J$4 billion.

AIIL is a subsidiary of Portland Holdings Inc., which is owned by local businessman, Michael Lee-Chin.

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Dr. Vincenzo Sandalj

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing away of our dear friend & agent in Trieste, Dr. Vincenzo Sandalj, who died recently, leaving his family & colleagues bereft of a beloved father & inspirational leader.

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News: Diane Edwards Is New JAMPRO President

The Board of the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) has announced the appointment of Diane Edwards as president of the national investment and trade promotion agency, effective September 1, 2013.

In making the announcement to the JAMPRO management and staff, Milton Samuda, chairman of the JAMPRO board, acknowledged the incoming president as a key acquisition for the agency, given her impressive career and global experience.

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Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee served at Eccelstone Wedding

BMCE were interested to read in the society pages of the Times that the marriage of Tamara Eccelstone to Jay Rutland, which included performances by Elton John and Lionel Richie, held at the exclusive Hotel Grand du Cap-Ferrat near Nice, was 'fueled by Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee'. They certainly have good taste in coffee and, with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee's mild creaminess and smoothness, got their marriage off to a good start!

Coffee Blogger review of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

From respected Gio's Coffee Diary Coffee Blog:

Jamaican Blue Mountain
Region: Blue Mountains – JAMAICA

jamaicaBelieve the hype! Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is considered the best in the world – and at around 140 GBP (210 USD) per Kilogram – the most expensive. Its taste characteristics are unlike those of any other coffee beans. Nothing overwhelms. No single flavour dominates, resulting in an incredibly complex mix of subtle flavours: herbs and spices, nuts and citrus fruits with sweet marzipan nuances in the aftertaste. The bodycan be classified as medium-light, the acidity is bright but not piquant and the fragrance is fresh, fruity, nutty and just as complex as the flavour.

Note: if roasting at home, roast light to preserve the subtle taste characteristics.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans are cultivated in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at altitudes of above 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) and benefit from rich volcanic soil. Since Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a globally protected certification mark only coffee monitored and certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can receive the label.

Although the coffee is exquisite, other factors contribute to its expensive price. As with most goods, its price is determined by supply and demand. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is only produced in a small area on the eastern tip of the island and in the last three decades the majority of it has been exported to Japan with the rest of the world left struggling to snap up the rest.

Note that Blue Mountain coffee constitutes only around 25% of Jamaica's total annual coffee output. Jamaica also produces coffees such as High Mountain Supreme and Prime Washed Jamaica which shouldn't be confused with Jamaica Blue Mountain. Finally, beware of imitations, fraudulent labelling and prices that are too good to be true. If – like me – you are not a Managing Director at an Investment Bank and cannot afford a couple of kilograms a month, you can go to a reputable speciality coffee shop and order a cup (which is exactly what I did).

Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited supports revolutionary Jamaica Blue Mountain "ice cream" product

Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited is delighted to announce that it has assisted the Antonio Russo brand with producing a revolutionary Jamaica Blue Mountain "ice cream". See below from their Press Release:

Antonio Russo is a new range of premium dairy-free iced desserts.

Antonio Russo's belief is that the pleasure and indulgence of great ice cream should not be denied to those that are lactose intolerant. There is no reason why consumers should, or be expected to, compromise on the quality, taste and texture of ice cream in a dairy free equivalent.

As such, they have developed an iced dessert which uses only the very finest ingredients. They use ethically sourced soya, free range eggs, fair-trade sugar, and the highest quality toppings for our three signature flavours:

Caribbato – Divine Caribbean Coffee (made from Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee)
Chocolato – Heavenly Belgian Chocolate Truffle with a zest of orange
Vanillato – Blissful Madagascan Vanilla Bean

The quality of the ingredients is reflected in the quality of the product.

What makes Caribbato taste so good? It is the very finest Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee used in each and every pot.

Caribbato is made out of only the finest grade coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Antonio Russo chose Blue Mountain as they believe it is the perfect coffee for their dairy-free iced desserts, as it has a mild flavour with no bitterness making it the ideal ingredient to deliver the distinguished and delicious flavour for which Antonio Russo is becoming famous.

Blue Mountain is today one of the most expensive and sought after coffees in the world. Antonio Russo believe that to make the very best Caribbato requires the very best coffee. On opening every pot of Antonio Russo Caribbato, you can smell the coffee, and taste the coffee!

That is why Antonio Russo and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, makes the perfect blend.

Further information on Antonio Russo is online at


Countdown to the SCAE World of Coffee Trade Show in Nice, 26-26 June 2013

Countdown to the SCAE World of Coffee Trade Show in Nice, 26-26 June 2013

Show Report: Marley Coffee at the Natural & Organic Show at London Olympia

Marley Coffee exhibited at the Natural & Organic Show at London Olympia on 7-8 April 2013.

The 17th annual Natural & Organic Products Europe trade event, organised by Diversified UK, has today announced record breaking attendance figures for its 2013 edition, which took place at London’s Olympia on 7-8 April.  With 8,810 industry professionals from 76 different countries packing the aisles over the two days, the show enjoyed an unparalleled 20% increase in unique attendees compared to 7,352 in 2012.

Confirming its position as the leading European show for both the natural and organic sectors (including health care, food and beauty), the significant surge in visitor numbers – which included buyers from Boots, Amazon, John Bell & Croyden, Waitrose, Ocado, NBTY Europe, Harrods, Abel & Cole, Superdrug, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market, Tesco, Spar, Selfridges, Marks & Spencer, Asda, Fenwick, Graze, Harvey Nichols, and, plus thousands of independent retailers and foodservice buyers, distributors, wholesalers and exporters – has led many exhibiting companies to rightly hail the 2013 show as its most successful ever.  

It was a great success for Marley Coffee's unique range of organic coffees from Rohan Marley as the team met with a wide range of buyers from UK and international independents, chains and horeca outlets.