Show Report: Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited at the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe World of Coffee Trade Show in Nice, France on 26-28 June 2013


22c02097e4438bd2f2f3fe4a6a3ab0e1 LWe were pleased to welcome representatives from Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, Senator Norman Grant and Mr Paul Bates, who assisted BMCE in answering roaster inquiries and meeting BMCE distributor and roaster clients for discussions.

At the show, the following events took place: the 2013 World Latte Art Championship, the 2013 World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, 2013 World Cup Tasters Championship and the first inaugural 2013 World Coffee Roasting Championship.

The 2013 World Latte Champion is Hisako Yoshikawa (Ogawa Coffee Roasters from Japan), the 2013 World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion is Victor Delpierre (Cafés Richard from France), the 2013 World Cup Taster Champion is Lajos Horvath from Hungary and the 2013 World Coffee Roasting Champion is Naoki Goto from Japan. Congratulations to them all!

Over 4,500 coffee industry insiders and fanatics from all over the world attended the event and 35,331 viewers streamed the competitions live online.

Overall, it was a successful trade show for BMCE and well run with lots of events, interesting talks and coffee tastings throughout the coffee show. For BMCE, the SCAE annual show is a 'must visit' event for major coffee players and each event, with its varying locations, attracts roasters from different geographical regions of Europe, so each show is different.

Mavis Bank, Clydesdale, Wallenford, Clifton Mount Estate and RSW Estate were fully represented and, this year, a brand new brochure on Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee (in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian) was produced specially for the show and handed out to over 500 coffee insiders along with many green Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee samples for speciality roasters.

Finally, we would like to thank Simon Green and David Locker of Bunn for their provision and installation of the fantastic Bunn ICB Brewer, which brewed an incredible Jamaica Blue Mountain filter coffee, which was given out as taster samples throughout the show. We would also like to thank Brita for the provision of their filtered water, which contributed to the fine cup tastings of the coffee.

See below photos from the event, which included Peter de Bruyne, John Sherwood and Guy Wilmot of Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited; and Senator Norman Grant and Paul Bates of Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited.