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Importer and Representative of Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee in Europe

coffee cherries 5ppFollowing the acquisition of the Langford Brothers operation in 1996, Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited is responsible for the importation, distribution, sales and marketing of Jamaica Blue Mountain® green coffee for Europe, Russia and the Middle East. barrelgreenppOur philosophy is based on the highest product quality, social, ethical & environmental responsibility working closely with our Jamaican partners. We deliver the coffee to our customers applying the Just In Time principle to provide for the quickest possible delivery times from stocks held in our European depots. This service is offered to large, medium and micro roasters either directly or through our regional distributors.

Available quantities of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee are small, but we are working with our Jamaican partners, and with our various European distributors, to try and ensure that regular customers always have their required availability. To this end, we hold our principal stock in Antwerp (Katoen Natie) & East of London with subsidiary stocks in Hamburg, Barcelona & Trieste, managed by our distributor partners. We have a programme of regular topping up and replacement from Jamaica via Antwerp in place.

We represent the main processors, including the Clydesdale group, Mavis Bank Coffee Factory and Wallenford Coffee Company, as well as the estate coffees, Sherwood Estate® and Clifton Mount Estate®, which is Rainforest Alliance Certified™' .


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